Click on Foundations 1-11 of Diamond City, below, for more information on each of them… please feel free to contact Rob if you would have any questions after reading them, thank you.

1) The Family Services Division services are designed to restore the family structure as originally intended by God for each family member for all ages. They will include specialized services to meet today’s needs according to today’s problems. They will be intricately placed throughout Diamond City and within many of the services.
a. Youth: The Youth programs will be placed throughout Diamond City that contain Youth Services. There are many problems facing our youth such as broken families, single parents, the violence in video games, on TV and in society. Many problems go far beyond abuse. A child’s structure of who they are and who they become start as a child. Our programs are designed delicately to first gain the confidence of each child and then have the answers when they are ready. Child counselors will have dual duties beginning with instructions and assistance in things like sports, horse riding, bowling, billiards and nature.
b. Teens: The Teens Programs will contain programs that are intended to help our teens to become young adults. These programs will be centered around activities that will challenge each teen boy and girl. These programs include all sports, overnight horse trips, fishing, hunting and much more. The goal is to be able to gain each person’s confidence and to challenge their minds and spirit. Then help to give them the keys to unlock their future and to love God beyond anything else.
c. Adult: Our Adult Family Services will be set up for married couples and single parents. It will include marriage counselling and will have the answers for each person of what God expects of them as a spouse and as a parent. Our programs will be designed to challenge each person and we will show them what this nation once was through historical education of what this nation was founded on, before political correctness damaged our nation. Our ultimate goal is to restore the family order that God intended.
d. Marriage: Our Marriage services includes 7 days of pre-marital counseling in private and group settings in our 1800’s Retreat Center. We will include special packages for those who wish to come back annually for anniversaries and participate in the celebrations of the new future marriages of others in group settings. There wedding will be either in our 1800’s church on the hill or in our Lodge for larger parties. The Diamond City Lodge will be in a mountain setting and will have 200 guest suites and will be built within the 1800’s theme. The common area for the wedding and/or reception will be a large room with high vaulted ceilings supported by a log beams and columns and will be in the middle of the lodge so that it can hold large events.
e. Broken Families: Our services for Broken Families will be in the Retreat Center. These services will be special tailored to help restore each family member and help them to see how to climb out of the deep trench of failure, blame, self-pity and every other weapon that the devil uses to further defeat every family member. This program will offer counseling and services to every family member and help them recover and to see what God expects of them. We will have trained Christian Counselors who specialize in these services and specialized for each age group of the children. We will break this cycle and may even be able to restore these broken families.
2) Outreach and rebuilding services to small 3rd world countries and islands.
a. Manufacturing: The Boulder River Valley will be a manufacturing District that will include 57 major manufacturing plants. It will be the technology capital of the world for the Green building and construction industry worldwide. Our first 4 manufacturers are solid Christian companies and will act as our manufacturing cornerstones. We will be sending these 4 manufacturers out to 3rd world countries and islands to create an industry to clean their world, build housing, create jobs and bring a new world to them.
b. Carbon Cycle Power: We will be turning garbage and sewage into power, diesel, gasoline and jet fuel while sterilizing their land, purifying their water and fertilizing their land in order to produce beautiful crops of food. This creates pure water, food and manufacturing jobs.
c. ECO Lifestyle Homes: Specializes in creating the greenest and most technological modular home systems in the world that relies greatly on recycled products. This will create hundreds of manufacturing and construction jobs for each small community, and over a thousand jobs for larger communities while teaching them how to build good sustainable houses.
d. Diamond City Millworks: They will create manufacturing plants and teach local residents the carpentry trade while making cabinets, wood trim, wood doors, wood windows, counter tops, lighting, flooring and much more. Jobs to create an economy and product to be used by residents and an industry that will save lives.
e. LUMA Resources: LUMA manufactures solar rate shingles. They will set up manufacturing plants and assembly plants that will produce hundreds of jobs. Once installed on the roofs, they will create power for their homes.
f. Missionaries: Once we have created an industry in each 3rd world country in the name of God, we will have changed their lives and given them a future and life, we will send missionaries to their towns to teach them about the very God who just changed their lives and provided a future to their children.
3) Special Equestrian services are Christian outreach services that can change millions of lives through the multiple services that we will offer as follows:
a. Event Center: We will have multiple floors which will include sporting events including basketball, soccer, arena football, figure skating, hockey, rodeos, dressage, polo, grand prix jumping. Anything to do with grade school, high school or college will be run through our non-profit. The professional setting and occupancy size will allow the contestant to experience something very special.
b. Equine therapy: we will be bringing in multiple organizations to assist us in creating special programs for veterans, brain trauma victims, cancer patients, mental disorders and much more. Equine therapy has proven to be a great tool to help calm the mind and bring peace to the soul, thus allowing medicine a huge advantage.
c. Equine lessons: there will be lessons provided for youth who wish to learn how to ride or compete.
d. Veterinarian services: Vet education and equine research are part of our hospital services. The head of our Equine Medical Center, Ted Vlahos already has established these services in his existing facility in Wyoming. They will be transferred here. We will be working with multiple Vet colleges to become an accredited teaching and research center.
e. Conference center: A feasibility study was done by the request of the State of Montana. Gold West results were that there is a need for a conference center to accommodate up to 2,000 people every other week. It was also determined that there is additional need for a facility to accommodate up to 3,400 every 3 months. We are designing our Event Center to be designed to accommodate 2,000 people under the grand stands with independent entrances so that it does not interfere with the Event Center normal events. The exhibit Hall will be designed to accommodate an additional 1,400 people. So once every 3 months, the entire Event Center will be closed for the week for the Conference Center to use all 3,400 seats. The arena could hold up to 5,000 people in the lower half so that when the upper bleachers are rolled back, that floor space can be used for individual presentations or exhibits.
4) Veteran rehab and medical services: we are establishing a medical center that will include a hospital, out-patient clinic and a research center for soldiers, their families, Gold star families
a. Soldier: Services for soldiers after their release from service including job training, counselling, reintroduction into civilian life, and services in all areas that are barriers.
b. Family services: services for the family while the spouse is in service; services after release from service.
c. Gold Star family: assistance including jobs, housing and healthcare
d. Currently working with Military Warriors Support Foundation and will include all of their typical service as shown in their website at
e. Disabled veteran services: This service will include services including meals on wheels, job training, jobs, medical services, rehab and more.
5) We will be creating a full-service hospital and Medical Center. We are currently negotiating with several medical companies, hospitals, Cancer Clinics and Brain Trauma Centers. Our services will include services to the following:
6) Christian School: This will be a Christian School Grades K-12. It will also be an academy with living quarters. The group that will run the school has a wonderful program in Texas who specializes in reclaiming children who have been lost into evils, such as child sex slavery. Because of the evils in today’s society, it is going to take this kind of knowledge and talent to break through and reach many of our children. Our drive is to help fix those who have been broken.
a. Broken Dreams Foundation: The Broken Dreams Foundation is a foundation designed to help reshape broken lives by teaching kids’ philanthropy through God. There is no one better for helping a child than another child who has come through some of the same catastrophic events that the children that they are helping are going through and found the answer through God. These are things like child abuse, rape and incest whereas the child’s trust in an adult has been shattered.
b. Multiple Outreach divisions: there will be many other outreaches where we will be teaching children how to reach out and help others in need.
7) Christian TV
a. Local TV station: KSCE 38 is a Christian TV station in El Paso Texas. They will create a TV station like Hallmark, GMC or UP TV and locate it in Diamond City. This will include regular TV programming and Christian programs. We will also work with our Christian School to establish the airing of special music events, plays and teach those interested in a future in TV broadcasting.
b. NOC communications: KSCE will also control the airing of event advertisements into the Network Operation Center network so that the advertising can be seen in our seasonal resident’s home through their cell phone or security systems.
8) The Music Center of Arts is a music recording studio for the recording of music. It will specialize in Christian Music recording. We will create our own label. There are many talented musicians and vocalists that never get a chance or a break because they do not know where to go to get recorded. The Diamond City Music Center of Arts will help everyone. The center includes:
a. Recording Studios: This recording studio will be a state of the art recording studio. We will have professional singers come and record music.
b. Extension of the high school: For those students who have a passion or desire a career in music, they can learn the industry from the ground up. It will be an accredited class in the music industry and they will count towards their credits in school. We will have existing top professionals come visit the center and give special lessons to our students.
c. Teaching Center for professional Christian music: Our student teachers will be those who wish to become a music teacher. They will be tailored and groomed so that they can go onto college and know what to expect. For those who want a career in music at any level, we can give them some experience and help plant the seed.
9) Government of Diamond City as an example of government in the 1860s before political correctness destroyed Christian Freedoms
a. Constitution: We will be hiring 3 new graduates from a Christian school of Law whereas their thesis was written on the Original constitution. Matthew Reynolds, senior attorney from the Pacific Justice Institute will lead this team. We will re-establish the constitution as it was originally intended when written and set in place by Thomas Jefferson. The nation will be able to fully see how many freedoms that we lost as a nation. The United States was created as a Christian nation.
b. City Attorney’s Office: we will be building the City Attorney’s Office of a very special design and construction as God has His shown us His vision exactly how He wants it.
c. Courthouse: The courthouse will include the Scriptures on doorways, judges bench and outside just exactly as it used to before it was removed because of political correctness.
10) Museum: History is a large part of our past. Diamond City has a lot of history of its own. We will be expanding the local history of Boulder, Diamond City, the old west and the American Indians.
a. Native American Museum: There were 7 tribes in Montana Territory. We will be building a large 2 story building between the hotel and the equestrian center that will have 7 pods. Each pod will be represented by each tribe, contributing their history and artifacts. They will be managed by members of their tribes and be able to speak in their own language. You will be able to learn their way of life and their beliefs. You will also discover which tribes believed in the Spirit in the Sky (Jesus). There were only 3 events recorded in the Bible during Jesus’s 40 days on earth after He was crucified. What happened the other 37 days? There are Indian caves that have 2,000-year-old pictures on the walls with a Man in a white robe with holes in His hands and feet. The tribes call Him the “Spirit in the Sky”.
b. The Fire Pit: The west wall of the Native American Museum will be built of rock to become a cliff. The cliff will be a buffalo jump with many buffalo falling from it suspended in air. Rock formations will be designed and built to become bleachers facing to the west. It is there that a large fire pit will be built in the center of a bed of rock. Indian Pow Wows will take place a few hours before sunset. At sunset, a story teller of the old west will take stage and tell many stories of the hardships and adventures as though he just came from it. As the stars start appearing, you will look up to see the firelight shining on the falling buffalos above your head as you hear the crackle of the fire and the stream nearby.
c. Local History of Boulder: On the 2nd floor of the museum, we will create a museum dedicated to the early days of Boulder and the history of how it all began.
d. History of Diamond City: On the other end on the 2nd floor, a museum dedicated to the original Diamond City will be built.
11) Diamond City Entertainment Center will be a 10-plex cinema, 16 lanes of bowling, billiards hall, children’s arcade, computer room and a family restaurant.
a. Day Care: Center will be a day care for children
b. Trainers: to teach children different games
c. Christian counselors: available as needed
d. Broken Dream Foundation: from the high school will be available.
12) US Olympic swim and diving training center: The center will be connected to the 3-star hotel. 100 rooms of the 400 rooms extended stay hotel will be dedicated for the usage of training when needed.
13) RV Campground: the campground will feature state of the art facilities, old vintage log cabins and teepees right along the Boulder River.
14) Kiah Foundation Center
15) Missions Interaction Center: The Missions Interactive Center will be the permeant home office for outreaches in Diamond City, Jefferson County, United States and to the uttermost parts of the world. Its mission is to spread the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission.
16) Community Grants Center: The Community Grants Center will be for local adjacent communities such as business grants and urban renewal grants to uplift neighboring towns.
17) Sports and Recreation Center: This will be a center where you can get information, education or book a hunt. The learning center will provide vital and critical information to help educate the public who do not understand why hunting is so vital in the balance of nature and why gun ownership is vital and our right.
18) Equestrian Market: The Equestrian Center will be the physical heartbeat of Diamond City. The entire city is created around the Equestrian Center. The Center offers the greatest and most complete services in the world in order to attract the extremely wealthy horse owner, creating the economic vibrancy that allows everything else to physically happen. We will not require Diamond City buyers to be Christian, however, there is no industry in the world that has a higher predominance of Christians in the world. This market naturally attracts Christians. Studies reveal that 98% of these individuals were raised in Christ and were raised in poverty. They have become self-made billionaires. In a lot of cases, money has become everything to them and they have allowed their net worth to influence their decisions in their service to God. This may be the most challenging Foundation in Diamond City and one of the most important. It will be a delicate and undaunting task to break through the pride of many without offending them. Through God, it will be our job to direct them back to God. Matthew 19:24
19) Golf – Arnold Palmer services: Through the golf course, we will serve and provide services for children. It begins with golf lessons and goes much farther. There will be many wonderful Christian equestrian programs, outdoor programs and much more. We want to replace cell phones with golf clubs and video games with a fly rod. We will provide an alternative adventure in clean living without having to go to the movies. The only trouble our kids will get in, is how to get out of a sand trap or bunker.
20) Jerusalem: We will be building Jerusalem on top of the mountain so that all nations can flow unto it and see a piece of history from the year 33AD. A 15-acre prayer garden with a life size interactive trail per the customs of Israel 2,000 years ago, that reflects all the teachings of Jesus and parables found in the Gospels. A path leads to the city of Jerusalem the day Christ was crucified. Everything will be extremely detailed with life size settings, displays, statues, and hologram technology. We will be building Jerusalem EXACTLY how it was, so that all that flow unto it, God will change their life forever. There will also be an old 1800s church for worshiping. This is the Spiritual heartbeat of Diamond City and the main purpose of it.