II Chronicles 7:14:
If My people, which are called by My Name, shall humble themselves,
and pray, and seek My Face, and turn from their wicked ways;
then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

With the morality of the United States eroding, we need to bring our nation back to God. That is why we are
building an entire city whereas God is the foundation and the center in 
everything Diamond City does and stands for.
We are building a city that will become the 
number 1 equestrian center in the world, become a major home for PGA
tournaments, become the greenest and most technological city in North America and it will create more than 61,000
good paying permanent jobs. Diamond City will become the focal point of the nation 
and will have a huge worldwide ripple
effect. What a fantastic opportunity to gain a platform 
to show the world what can be done “if it is in the name of God.”

Diamond City Foundation will be the permanent backbone of Diamond City. The foundation mission statement is: “With God’s
Grace Making a Difference One Family at a Time” 
Diamond City Foundation (DCF) is a Christian based organization  set up
to secure and distribute 
funding to existing and new programs specifically designed to support families or children in need with
unexpected circumstances and adversity. DCF will carry out fundraiser events and provide financial assistance through a variety
of partner programs at the local, 
national and international levels in order to fund the multiple subsidiary foundations of DCF.

There are MANY areas that WE can make such a huge impact. We need your help and active involvement in Diamond City.
The foundation of Diamond City is God whom we will serve. 
We are building Diamond City so that it will be on the front cover of
every equestrian magazine, 
science magazine, green magazine, golf journal and technology magazine. We are building a
platform to gain global recognition. Once the world asks what makes Diamond 
City so special they will see that it is God.

  1. Family services division
  2. 3rd world Outreach
  3. Special Equestrian services
  4. Veteran rehab and medical services
  5. Medical Center
  6. Christian School
  7. Christian TV
  8. Music Center of Arts
  9. Government of Diamond City
  10. Museum
  11. Diamond City Entertainment Center
  12. US Olympic swim and diving training center
  13. RV Campground.
  14. Kiah Foundation Center
  15. Missions Interaction Center
  16. Community Grants Center
  17. Sports and Recreation Center
  18. Equestrian Market
  19. Golf – Arnold Palmer services
  20. Jerusalem

Montana is one of the most gorgeous states in the United States, brimming with “purple mountains majesty” and wildlife. It’s one of the few places where its citizens are proud to call it home; not because of anything humanity added, but through natural assets that God created.

Experience, strategy, compassion and team focus is where it all begins, but the most important character trait in order to be a conduit of healing is a strong Spiritual belief that God is whom we ALL serve. It must begin with complete surrender to our Savior Jesus Christ. It is through Him that all things are possible.

Professional consultation for the Christian Services and facilities for the whole of Diamond City (DC) shall be provided to the Christian Board of Directors, which is separate from the LLC Board of Directors. Additionally, steps will be taken to ensure further advancement of the Kingdom thru program designs that include detailed description of divisions and performance specifications as well as design work that relates to each division according to ages for the services required for building or rebuilding families according to God’s Word.

When studying the physical elements and programs of DC it is apparent that everything is designed to attract people from all over the nation and the world. Even the technological marvels are designed to gain global attention. Our spiritual divisions are set in place with God’s Wisdom in a way that is not meant to be obtrusive. The gentleness of our services will be based on attraction. At that point, we will begin the process of healing through the one true God.

With God and through God, Rob Rule, Velma Hart and the Board of Directors will coordinate all programs and will work side by side with each division head. Those individual teams will be responsible for the design functions of programs and will be in conformance to the Bible. The Bible will be the blue print for all services. We are seeking volunteers throughout the nation to be on our Board of Directors.  Each area of the nation has specific problems that may or may not exist pertain to other areas of the nation.  That is why we need people from all over the nation.

Quality of Life & Lifestyle: Diamond City will consist of 5,500-plus residences, townhomes and condominiums—focused around a newly designed Arnold Palmer signature golf course, clubhouse and a 300-acre world-class equestrian center surrounded by hundreds of thousands of acres of equestrian bliss. We will also be building 3 Marriott Hotels that will consist of a three-star 400 room extended stay, a four-star 175 to 225 room resort boutique hotel, a five-star 100 to 125 room resort hotel, luxury five-star restaurant, exclusive 50 room retreat lodge/spa and wellness center, major convention center and commercial/multiuse area for businesses and shops.   We are working with multiple professional healthcare facilities including Mayo Clinic.

Project Team: The development of Diamond City will be owned by Diamond City Development, LLC and be controlled by Diamond Hills Project, LLC (DHP). DHP has been formed to bring the powerful and experienced team together solely for the success of Diamond City. The combined team has several hundred years of experience including thousands of resorts and developments of this category around the world. There truly is no team like it. Please see our organizational chart. Please meet our team.

Contact Rob Rule:    office ~ 406.441.1555       cell ~ 406.410.1712      email ~ rob@diamondcityresort.com